Friday, December 18, 2009

Home from Nepal

The trip to Nepal was awesome, life-changing. Life-threatening, actually. We returned to Christmas in full swing, and it is a struggle to remember what's important. Well, that's a good question. What is important? I lean toward these words: authenticity, risk, commitment. Considering the lives of others in a third world country is a multi-layered knot—what's best for them, what's best for me, who gets to decide? In the end, I appreciate those who can answer questions with thoughtfulness and compassion because I can barely address them in my own life. What kind of life do I make for myself now? If I could do one thing, let it be done with authenticity, risk and commitment. I'm trying to do this with my writing, which is like breaking open lines of text to release the intention.

The Nepal trip was so much about reflection and finding one's true…path, rhythm, beliefs. Those words that sum up what we are, inside and out. The next time I go, it really will be all about dancing. Swear.


  1. I have long admired your authentic commitment to risky behavior. Party on.

  2. Jungle in the mist, on an elephant. A long way from the unreality of Christmas in the good old USA. It is interesting to see what shakes out when we are lifted out of what we consider a normal way of life here and have a chance to be dropped into another foreign reality. Sometimes cleansing for the soul. Makes you wish you could drop the garbage which drags you down here, and hop back to the altered state. But, perhaps the altered state has its own leaches.